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5. July 2016 15:45
by SpellboundCars

Tips on how to maintain your Aston Martin car

5. July 2016 15:45 by SpellboundCars | 0 Comments

Luxury cars such as Aston Martin will need regular and scheduled maintenance to keep it in perfect condition. From following our advice at spellboundcars.com, you’ll have a continuous sleek look and performance.

1.) Car Wash & Wax

  • Maintaining the look of your exterior is important. Make sure to wash and wax your car routinely or preferably every few weeks to keep the surfaces clean and polished. It helps with getting rid of any other substances that could diminish any paint veneer. 

2.) Storing 

  • If possible, cover or keep your Aston Martin car in the garage, making sure it's away from severe cold, sunlight or dirt. The sunlight can damage the colour of exterior and small particles can make your car look dusty.  

3.)  Maintain inside interior 

  • Ensure to use a high quality and right cleaning solutions for leather seats and leather covered steering wheels. Use a leather friendly solution!

  • Use a portable vacuum on hand or an appropriate brush when cleaning the inside floor or carpet.

4.) Battery life

  • Taking care of the battery is important as the battery fluid can evaporate over time due to high temperatures. Therefore, this also shortens your battery life. You can retain the life by ensuring it is charged at the right level and keeping it away from any dirt or corrosion as this effect’s battery performance.

5.) Radiator

  • The radiator can also be built up with dirt or debris. To keep it clean, rinse it with a water hose or remove the dirt and debris using a suitable brush.

6.) Tyres

  • With Aston Martin, it is advised to rotate your tires every 6,000 miles. By following so, it ensures your thread doesn't tear down quickly and unevenly. Taking care of vital parts such as this will help keep your overall system running stronger and longer.

7.) Cooling system

  • The cooling system is an operation to keep your engine from overheating. Make sure it has a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water. Be sure that they are always at the correct levels. 

By following our tips on maintenance and care, you’ll be sure to keep your Aston Martin looking and running at its best. If your car needs further attention,  you can call us for our professional service; we specialise in modern and heritage vehicles. Simply bring your Aston Martin into our servicing department at Spellbound cars in Surrey. Or for more enquiries, talk to one of our team on 01252 711 746.

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