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14. February 2014 16:10
by SpellboundCars

Buyer Beware

14. February 2014 16:10 by SpellboundCars | 0 Comments


'The importance of having any prospective purchase inspected by a professional'

So, you have worked hard, and with the justified savings, your heart is saying 'follow your childhood dream of actually owning the car that was once a poster on your bedroom wall'

That's settled then, but before you head for your favourite vehicle sales website to finally make your long awaited purchase a reality, I have to become the voice of reason, the voice in your head which is not being heard.

Sure, go and buy your dream car, just not any old one.

Every vehicle that has ever been made, has a history. This history is not always just stamps in a service book, although this is definitely a good thing.

Every vehicle we have ever inspected at Spellbound Cars has a story to tell, and not always a happy ending, which could easily end up shattering your expectation of said dream car.

Because we would not want the wrong vehicle to become your dream purchase, Spellbound Cars offers the most comprehensive and detailed vehicle inspections to give the prospective buyer the very information that the car's life story tells.

Once a detailed report has been generated, your buying experience will now be a confident one, based on the facts and merits of this.

Because you may make this somewhat impulse purchase only once, we would always suggest that you choose two or three cars that best suit your preference and budget.

There is no rush to buy your dream car, as you will forget the wait, if you buy the RIGHT car.

Often, two or three inspections will take place for the client to make a confident and balanced decision.

So why not let Spellbound Cars be a part of your lasting dream!

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