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13. June 2013 16:05
by SpellboundCars

Taking care of your Ferrari – Part 1

13. June 2013 16:05 by SpellboundCars | 0 Comments

Routine maintenance is essential to maintaining the value of your luxury sports car: delaying an oil change or a tune up on a Ferrari could result in damage to the engine that will set you back several thousand pounds.

At Spellbound Cars we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our Ferrari servicing work, with a basic service taking a skilled technician a minimum of six hours.  That’s because we apply the same guiding principles to servicing as we do to our high end restoration work. 

For an all-important cam belt change on an F355, for example, we always remove the engine rather than just the fuel tanks. Although it’s more time consuming this method guards against the risk of an ill-fitting cam belt which, at worst, can result in complete engine failure.

Our Hunter tyre system gives us very accurate control with the removal and fitting of modern high performance tyres, so we can fit larger tyres on very delicate wheels. And the recent installation of the latest diagnostic equipment means we can handle Ferraris up to and including the F430 Scuderia in-house.

Spellbound Cars estimate the average cost of routine maintenance including servicing, geometry and diagnostic checks is approximately £1500-2000.  If you download our voucher and book in for a service between now and July 31, we will carry out additional geometry and diagnostic checks worth £300 for free.


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